How can we get our marriage license if we arrive on a weekend or holiday and want to be married right away?
We have field agents (in Honolulu and Pearl City) who can issue licenses from their homes on weekends and in the evening. You'll need to make an appointment with them ahead of time, and we can assist you with this.

How much time should we allow for our wedding?
The ceremony itself lasts about 15-20 minutes. Allow about 30 minutes to include meeting and greeting and walking to the ceremony site. For your photography, allow another half-hour (or one hour total), and if you are having videography, you'll need 2 to 2 to1/2 hours total. (The more family and guests attending, the more time you'll need for all your beautiful family, individual, and group portraits.) And of course a little more time also for your live music, special wedding toast, delicious wedding cake, and your beautiful flower shower (rose petals showering you with blessings). Take all of this time into account when you request the number of hours for your limousine. The minimum is two hours, and all limousines require time to and from Waikiki (even if pick-up or drop-off location is elsewhere). The ride from Waikiki to our most popular site, Wai'alae-Kahala Beach, is about 15 minutes. The time listed for your wedding with us is considered to be the time we all meet at the site. Your minister and photographer and any other vendors will plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time with us. You might plan to arrive 15 minutes early, also, and for bigger weddings, ask your wedding attendants & guests to arrive 15 minutes to half hour before your scheduled time with us, earlier if parking is limited, which is more likely so with larger weddings, of course.

How will our wedding go?
It will go beautifully (it always does). We will bring your flowers (leis, bouquets, corsages, boutineers . . .) with us to meet you at the ceremony site. Your photographer will take pictures during and after the ceremony, including romantic portraits of the two of you (e.g.,walking hand in hand down the beach). We will fill out the marriage license and certificate together after the ceremony (and it's the minister's job to file it with the Department of Health later). Your photographer will print your photos and deliver them, with album, to you. (For packages with no prints, you'll get the roll of film or the CD on site to take away with you).

For larger weddings with a full wedding party and lots of guests, you may request a rehearsal prior to the wedding day (additional fee), these are also great fun and very good for a smooth and relaxed wedding day. For smaller ceremonies --couple only and a few guests, we'll go over everything with you right before your ceremony.

Should we have a meeting before the ceremony?
For smaller weddings, there is usually no need for a meeting before your wedding day, but we are happy to meet with you if you'd like (extra fee). For most weddings, we simply go over everything with you just before your wedding.

Should we have a rehearsal before the ceremony?
Rehearsals are great fun and highly recommended for larger weddings, there is an additional fee for minister to be part of this. For weddings with a large wedding party (8 to 12 or more), plus a lot of guests, you will need a wedding coordinator. They will be conducting the rehearsal and instructing the wedding attendants. The minister does offer this service, for an additional coordinating fee. (This can also a nice way for a friend to assist you.)

The minister's usual fee covers performing the wedding ceremony & completing the legal documents for you (usually 30 to 45 minutes total). The larger weddings take longer, and it is appropriate to give a gratuity for your minister's additional time for this.

Can we choose our own ceremony location in Waikiki?
Yes, you may choose any location. And please note that many considerations go into selecting a location for a wedding. The photographers, videographer, vocalist, etc., have equipment to carry and care for. Restrooms & parking availability are other things we look for, as well as ease in getting there, and we also like several different sights for the photos (e.g., not just ocean).
Parking is the biggest concern in the Waikiki area ($5 to $10 per 1/2 hour min.). After finding parking, there is often a bit of a walk to get to most locations. Waikiki beaches are also usually crowded (early morning less so). We ask you to take all this into consideration when choosing a Waikiki location on your own, and also to pay any parking fees needed for us, mahalo!

Do we have choices in flowers?
Yes, you may choose the colors that you would like in your lei's, bouquet, etc., but not always the flowers themselves, as it depends on what flowers are in season at the time of your wedding (roses are an exception, always available). We offer our own standard bouquets and we will also be happy to provide you with a special order or custom bouquet for additional fees (fees based on flowers involved and intricacy of the arrangement).

What are your payment and cancellation policies?
To reserve your wedding date and time, we require a 50% booking payment (U.S. funds), by credit card, check or money order. We have a secure site for payment by credit card on line. As soon as we receive your 50% booking payment, we will email you your confirmation and receipt. Please pay balance due a minimum of one week in advance of ceremony date for credit card payments, two weeks for payment by check, and with cash, you may pay in person on the day of your wedding.

Please also feel free to call with your payment information or questions at 808-372-2082.
Cancellation Policy: The 50% booking payment is non-refundable (special circumstances are always considered for partial or full refund). Cancellations need to be in writing (or email) at least 30 days before the wedding date. If we do not receive notice in writing, the balance will be due in full.

Overtime Fees: There is an overtime fee charged per vendor (minister, photographer, videographer, etc.) if you arrive late, and/or if your ceremony is delayed past the time of your scheduled, pre-arranged ceremony time (late fee payable on site). Please do relax if you are running late, knowing that we can almost always wait for you. (If we have another wedding scheduled after yours, --rare, but it happens, we will let you know ahead of time, and if you are very late, your wedding may need to follow that one.) Also, for sunset weddings, you especially want to be on time so we have enough light for great photos!

The late fee is $25 after 5 minutes late and $50 after 1/2 hour late, payable on site per vendor (minister, photographer, vocalist, etc.). ( . . . You’ll want to bring extra cash just in case, anyway, for gratuities, right?).

A Spirit of Aloha Hawaii Weddings is dedicated to celebrating love, and we are very grateful to be a part of your celebration. It is our joy to serve.
Mahalo Nui loa
Thank you very much